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Sorgente: Ashoka

On 20 June 2017, Ashoka Netherlands celebrated the addition of new changemakers to our network. We had the opportunity to introduce two new Ashoka Fellows and three new Ashoka Changemaker schools: Ashoka Fellows Geert van der Veer and Barbara Muller, and Changemaker Scholen Wittering.nl, De Verwondering and Mondomijn. 

Generously provided by our partner Van Lanschot, we spent the afternoon in the beautiful Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where our energetic host Ama van Dantzig introduced the newest additions to our Changemaker Community.

Newly elected Ashoka Fellows

Barbara Muller is dedicated to the development of a secure attachment bond between primary caregivers (mothers or fathers) and babies at risk of not growing up in a secure and safe environment.By offering support in building a strong emotional relationship between parent and child and working towards a safe and independent future, she contributes in giving children a better start in life.

To learn more, click here



With his Herenboeren movement Geert van der Veer is putting the use of farm land back into the hands of local communities, using a model of collective ownership and management,which by restoring peoples' relationship with that land, serves as the basis of an alternative system for food production, which respects animals, cooperates with nature, and revitalizes the soil all while offering a tangible platform for driving agricultural dialogue and innovation.


Learn more on the Herenboeren website.

Newly elected Ashoka Changemaker Schools

Public primary school

The innovative approach to education of Wittering.nl has developed and established itself over the past few years, which has led to a stable learning environment, completely focused on the students, and an impressive example of how to bring about change in a stagnant system.

The core values that inform the educational approach of Wittering.nl create an environment that focuses on the growth of students’ cognitive, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Equality is at the basis of the learning practices and embeds empathy into the hearts and minds of the children. Students are taught the relationship between learning and life and how they have the potential to shape and change the world.



De Verwondering
Public primary school

The name of this school literally translates to “a sense of wonder”, which is at the foundation of their educational approach; A sense of wonder, as well as trust in each other, and curiosity and care regarding the world around us.

With a strong focus on the possibilities that technological advancements in the classroom have to offer, students at De Verwondering learn by means of their personalized learning tracks and develop their social and emotional skills through value-based curricula and a strong sense of community.  This school nurtures future leaders who will not only be able to manage themselves in an ever-changing world, but will do so with empathy.



Public preschool + primary school

In order to teach children who they are and what their place is in the world, Mondomijn has reinvented their educational set-up. The future will require a different skillset from our children, and that is what Mondomijn intends to teach, but not without losing sight of the individual needs and personal development of every single child.

The continuous trajectory of value-based development has been institutionalized in an Integrated Child Center, where children age 0-12 can now be accommodated 52 weeks a year. From 2018 onwards, they will expand to include secondary education as well.