Ashoka Switzerland has been supporting Changemakers through its IMPACT program from 2012 to 2014!


What are the IMPACT programs ?

The IMPACT programs aim at identifying socially innovative organizations with strong changemaking potential in a specific field or region, to professionalize them help them to grow and spread their impact.

Hence, they contribute to  structuring social entrepreneurship through 3 targets:

  • Drive the development of socially innovating organizations
  • Professionalize those with the highest potential
  • Create synergies and build bridges outside of the social entrepreneurship sphere, especially with the private sector to scale-up change



This program was conducted in Switzerland from 2012 to 2014 to support early stage entrepreneurs. Following a call of projects, 8-12 project bearers were selected over a three-year period to benefit from a six-month tailored coaching including seminars and trainings to develop their social business plan. At the end of the programme, the most promising projects were granted an award by a jury.


"The IMPACT Program is a unique place to meet and exchange ideas with great people who shares the same values as me." - Impact Laureate



2014 IMPACT Program Laureates

Patrick Vieljeux, CauseDirect  —  Christophe Denjean & Delia Mamon, Graines de Paix  —  Marie-Laure Burgener, GreenGoWeb  —  Frank Grossman, Orphanbiotec Foundation  —  Lucas Landolt, Pro Lehrstelle  —  Paolo Gallo, Verein Surprise  —  Ranziska Reinhard, AMIE Basel  —  Oliver Hartley, Mintaka Foundation  —  Manuel Klarman & Judith Ellens, Eaternity  —  Sandrine Cina & Isabelle Favre, Invisible Experience

2013 IMPACT Program Laureates

Dan Acher, 42Prod  —  Vanessa von Richter, Anouk Foundation  —  Lola Grace, MECI  —  Véronique Goy, Equal Salary  —  Marc Milton, Education for Peace  —  Stéphane Couty, Fondation Artère  —  Laura Venchiarutti, Mr & Mrs Cleen / Pro-jet  —  Taha Bawa, Goodwall  —  Roberto Agosta, Swissleg  

2012 IMPACT Program Laureates

Latha Heiniger & Sandrine Pache, Bénévolat-Vaud  —  Benedetta Barabino & Beatrice Bressan, Dance With Me  —  Vessela Monta, IRHA  —  Graziella Zanoletti & Nicolas Sion, Friends of Humanity  —  Daniela Lang, Genèveroule  —  Julien Beauvallet & Cyril Royez, Urbamonde  —  Steven Eichenberger & Corina, Euforia —  Laurent Thurnheer & Olivier Kressman, Summit Foundation