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Inclusive Business

Achieving Impact Through the Everyone a Changemaker Revolution

This article originally appeared on Inclusive Business Action Network

This issue of CLUED-iN focuses on evidence of impact. In this interview, Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton answers the following question:

As a global community, do you think we are making progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? What evidence do you have of this?

How do you describe Ashoka’s impact? Has your “impact framework” evolved over time?

What tools can entrepreneurs use to demonstrate impact within their companies and organizations? Are there any best practices you would recommend to entrepreneurs?

For social entrepreneurs who are aiming to grow their impact, what is the most important advice you can offer them?

In a world increasingly defined by change and a need for collaboration and innovation, what makes you hopeful today?

Embedded in “everyone a changemaker” is the idea that social entrepreneurs—and even parents—have a duty to ensure that their employees—and for that matter their children—know that they themselves are changemakers. Why is this important?

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Ashoka insight

Ashoka’s biggest impact is on the dimension of framework change. We very consciously created and spread the construct of social entrepreneurship—which today means that millions of people across the globe have an idea, that caring and organising for the good is a good, realistic life opportunity. It also means that people in the field can find one another and collaborate.

Eighty percent of our impact now is helping society see that we are in the turning point years of the “everyone a changemaker” revolution—and that this changes every dimension of all our lives, individually and in whatever groups are important to us.