Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
fellowdirectory test Fellow Denmark Business & Social Enterprise, Children & Youth, Aging, Agriculture, Biodiversity 2021
Jimmy Westerheim Fellow Norway 2021
Mark Campanale Fellow United Kingdom 2020
Gemma Galdon Fellow Spain 2020
Fran Díaz Fellow Spain 2020
Sarah Zouak Fellow France Human Rights & Equality, Girls’ development, Gender equity, Women’s issues 2020
Theo Vaes Fellow Belgium 2020
Koffivi Madze Barack Fellow Togo 2020
Jane Waithera Fellow Kenya 2020
Carmen Gheorghe Fellow Romania Human Rights & Equality, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Citizen / community participation, Vulnerable populations, Women’s issues 2020
Francesco Tonucci Fellow Italy Children & Youth, Changemaking, Non-formal education, Citizen / community participation, Youth leadership, Youth development 2020
Lisette Reuter Fellow Germany 2020
Emilia Roig Fellow Germany 2020
Tobias Polsfuß Fellow Germany 2020
Sandor Lederer Fellow Hungary 2020