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Science and Technology

Noah: Building blind accessibility technology

A team of young changemakers applies their design engineering skills to develop human-center solutions for everyday challenges.
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Hacking the Self, then Hacking the System

It is not everyday you hear about young children questioning the status quo, revolutionizing the automobile industry, or filing for patents at age 13. But they’re out there, and this is the story of one. Today, Param Jaggi is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and social activist. He is the founder of Hatch...
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At 17, Gino Tubaro started transforming kids with disabilities into super heroes

At the age of 17, Gino Tubaro received a letter from a desperate mother. “Please make my boy, Felipe, a hand,” it said. “We cannot afford a prosthetic.” Gino had been inventing things since the age of 13. His own mother had taken him to science fairs and invention workshops, pushing him to follow...
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Chirag: Channeling kids’ passions and talents into impact in Seattle, Washington

Combining art, entrepreneurship, and technology to promote creativity and innovation for social good.
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Temple Grandin: “The thing about changing something is that it’s long, hard, sustained work.”

Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, has revolutionized the livestock industry. By putting herself in the place of the cattle, she developed a series of equipment designs and a simple rating system to help the industry adopt new practices that reduce animals’ stress and injuries to both...
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Sophie: Leveraging the power of technology for children with intellectual disabilities around the world

Based in Pittsburgh, one of the United States' fastest growing technology hubs, Sophia and her team are acting on their compassion and leveraging the power for others.
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