New Economy

Robin Chase: leading one entrepreneurial coup after another, like Zipcar

If anyone understands the profound transformation of society that is now upon us, it is Robin Chase. (See her admired book, Peers Inc.) She not only sees it clearly; but she also, in one entrepreneurial coup after another, is putting its new architecture in place. She co-founded Zipcar and was its...
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Valeria Budinich: Helping social entrepreneurs to access capital and resources to scale their initiatives

Valeria Budinich is a social entrepreneur and organizational strategist with 25 years’ experience specializing in high-impact business/social entrepreneurship. Valeria’s pathway as a leading social entrepreneur started with a roulette wheel. When she was ten, she asked her parents for one for...
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Richard Branson: finding new ways to do business and impact the world since he was 16

There are few if any entrepreneurs who have ventured more successfully in more businesses than Richard Branson. And who can compete with him in terms of flair? As important, he has long brought this entrepreneurial energy and skill to bear on social problems as well as business. Inspired by Nelson...
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