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Environment and Wildlife

Garvita: Why Waste? Learning to See the Glass as Half Full

“The best ideas come from people like us, people of our age,” says Garvita. “We have fresh, growing and innovating minds."
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Gonzalo Muñoz: "It is impossible to deny that most of the inspiration my three siblings and I received came from our parents"

Ashoka turned to Ashoka Fellows Gonzalo Muñoz and Ximena Abogabir to understand what it takes to raise children who can contribute to positive change.
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Sarah Toumi: Leading change in rural areas of Tunisia since the age of 11

Starting your journey as a changemaker in your teens sticks with you for a lifetime.
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Ximena Abogabir: "If you are deeply convinced that your child is a changemaker, he or she will become one"

As part two of this two-part LeadYoung series, Ashoka asks Ashoka Fellow Ximena Abogabir, mother to Ashoka Fellow Gonzalo Muñoz, about her childhood, her role as a mother and her philosophy for parenting Gonzalo and her two other changemaker children.
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#LeadYoung - DIY Environmentalist

Forming global communities to protect the environment.
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Where the wild things start: How Nicole Rycroft’s early love of nature inspired her environmental career

Ashoka Fellow Nicole Rycroft is protecting ancient forests by working with global book publishers, newspapers, magazines, and fashion brands to shift to alternative and sustainably produced wood-based fabrics and paper. Her environmental NGO Canopy counts more than 750 large customer companies from...
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