Invest in Innovation

In 2012, Ashoka launched a web platform called Invest in Innovation as a way to enable our supporters to connect and champion specific Ashoka Fellows who are leading system-changing solutions for individuals and communities around the world. While extremely grateful for all those who joined us in this giving mechanism, our results haven’t scaled to the social impact we aspired to achieve through this effort. Therefore, we have made the decision to end our contract with the platform provider resulting in past contributions no longer being visible on the web, effective immediately, February 28, 2014. All previous donations have been allocated according to donor recommendations and are already at work supporting the Ashoka Fellows listed.

While we explore alternative mechanisms to bring a similar experience to our community we are guiding all supporters involved in Invest in Innovation to Ashoka’s Global Venture Fund. This will be the mechanism supporters can stay informed about the impact of their gift and the progress of Ashoka Fellows. The Venture Fund is the primary mechanism that allows Ashoka to select and support Ashoka Fellows on any topic, in any country, wherever impactful innovation is naturally emerging. As innovation tends to occur on the boundaries of definitions, sectors and industries the Global Venture Fund allows us to respond to areas of greatest need and opportunity. Learn more about Ashoka’s Venture Fund.

Ashoka remains committed to investing in leading social entrepreneurs and enabling our wider community of Changemakers to follow, support and champion Ashoka Fellows. We will continue to pursue exploratory methods of giving and connection and will focus on areas where we can have the most impact, help the most people and be the best stewards of the funds of our supporters.

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