Invest in social entrepreneurs wherever we find them

With Ashoka's Global Venture Fund, my family and I share in supporting the most creative people in every field and on every continent.  The opportunity to connect our resources with such transformative global change is invaluable for everyone involved. Clearly, it’s one of the most satisfying and effective investments we’ve made.” 

- Charles Oswald, The Oswald Family Foundation

The Global Venture Fund is the primary mechanism that allows us to select and support Ashoka Fellows on any topic, in any country, wherever impactful innovation is naturally emerging. As innovation tends to occur on the boundaries of definitions, sectors and industries the Global Venture Fund allows us to respond to areas of greatest need and opportunity. 

Through the Global Venture Fund, along with other generous gifts and corporate partnerships, we have invested over $100,000,000 in empowering social entrepreneurs around the world!

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How does the Global Venture Fund operate?

Investments in the Global Venture Fund will be allocated to Ashoka’s Venture program and used to find and engage Ashoka Fellows. Funds will be allocated towards a range of catalytic investments throughout the Fellow’s lifetime, including search and selection costs, modest financial support, and strategic investments in professional development. The Global Venture Fund allocation relies on the input of senior staff and Ashoka’s Leadership Team, which will be consulted before funds are dispersed to finalize Fellow elections. While the Global Venture Fund does not generate a financial profit, investments will contribute to long-term social impact. 

How did the Global Venture Fund start?

The Global Venture Fund was launched in May 2006 with an initial gift of $100,000 from the Oswald Family Foundation in honor of Charles W. Oswald, former CEO of National Computer Systems of Minneapolis and current chairman of Rotherwood Investments. Reflecting Charley’s powerful combination of heart, brilliance, and gratitude for all his opportunities to succeed in the American business world, the Oswald family is passing on the gift of financial support and opportunity to support the world’s leading social entrepreneurs with Ashoka. 

How will Ashoka report the Global Venture Fund?

With the Global Venture Fund’s disbursement at the end of each fiscal year, Ashoka will disseminate a report to all Global Venture Fund investors. (See the 2013 report here.) It will include a synopsis of the work of Ashoka’s Venture Program in each of our six major regions (North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East/North Africa, Europe, and Asia), a geographic distribution of how the Global Venture Fund’s resources were spent, and summaries of the work of a selection of Fellows supported by the Global Venture Fund. Updates on Ashoka’s financials and the development of the global institution will also be included.

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