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Dutch Ashoka Fellow is one of UNESCO-UNEVOC most promising practices!

We are proud to share that Young Africa, Dutch Fellow’s Dorien Beurskens organization, is been awarded as Promising Practices award from UNESCO-UNEVOC. The Promising Practices database showcases initiatives that are successful in confronting fundamental subjects i.e. Gender equality, Youth employment, ICT all regarding TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training).

Sri Lanka’s Garment Workers ‘Stand Up’ for Rights

By M-R Abraham

Shirone Kaushalya works in a factory producing leather jackets. But she rarely sees the finished product.

The 30-year-old woman uses a hammer to pound on the ridges and bumps of raw leather until it is smooth enough for stitching. Then she hands the flattened material to the next station in production and grabs another piece of leather – up to 180 during her shift. To meet her quota by day’s end, Shirone finds it difficult – like many of her co-workers - even to take a bathroom break.  

Ashoka Fellow Saif Rashid Weaves Together Benefits for Bangladesh Garment Workers

Saif Rashid believes that, given the right market opportunities, millions of Bangladeshis can lift themselves up financially. With an innovative new model called APON, he is empowering the workers of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment manufacturing industry to increase their disposable income and build better, healthier lives.


It's time to end the war on talent, and begin collaboration for talent

Ashoka, in partnership with Linkedin and Jobvite, is working to make "collaboration for talent" a reality. The key innovation involves re-purposing existing products (Linkedin Elevate, Referrals and Jobvite) to allow for offering a reference to another employer, which doesn't necessarily remove a resource from your network, and may add to that person's skills and experience for your future benefit. 

In che modo i modelli organizzativi orizzontali e fluidi generano buoni affari

Mentre il mondo diventa sempre più interconnesso e la velocità del cambiamento accelera, per restare competitivi è fondamentale la creazione di nuovi modelli organizzativi. Quando le organizzazioni lavorano in team flessibili e aperti, con responsabilità e processi decisionali distribuiti e interconnessi, l'effetto è duplice: infondono passione e obiettivi nella loro forza lavoro e si strutturano in modo da risolvere i problemi in modo agile e rapido.

Programme de formation Inclusive Business and Value Creation 2017 - du 3 au 6 octobre 2017 !

Du 3 au 6 octobre 2017 : Ashoka relance son programme de formation pour dirigeants : Inclusive Business and Value Creation !

Alejandro Marius

Alejandro Marius – founder of Trabajo y Persona – is transforming the concept of the workplace as a painful necessity into a place of enjoyment and fulfillment in Venezuela.

Pourquoi des équipes fluides sont aujourd’hui nécessaires au succès des organisations

Tandis que le monde devient de plus en plus interconnecté et que le rythme du changement s’accélère, de nouveaux modèles organisationnels sont fondamentaux à la capacité d’une organisation à rester compétitive et pertinente.