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Can we help children understand ‘problem solving’ through fun?

If you have a problem, don’t muddle through.
Here’s a simple rap about what to do.
Stop, calm down before you act.
You’ll think more clearly — that’s a fact.
Say the problem and how you feel.
Set a positive goal (and try to be real).
Now for some “brainy” contributions,
make out a list with lots of solutions.
Slow down, though, and use some sense
’cause you gotta consider each consequence. 
Now if you’ve done your thinking and you’re planning ahead, 

When It Comes to Bullying, Empathy Succeeds Where Zero Tolerance Fails

Many schools continue to address bullying with swift and severe punishment. But research indicates that zero tolerance approaches are simply not effective. They don't improve the behavior of the bully (or the victim), nor do they improve school climate and safety.