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#metoo-uppropet #intedinhoras grundare Gabriella Kärnekull Wolfe blir Årets Changemaker 2018

Årets Changemaker 2018 går till Gabriella Kärnekull Wolfe för sitt stora engagemang och förmåga att få med sig andra i kampen mot sexuella övergrepp och prostitution. I samband med #metoo-rörelsen startade Gabriella uppropet #intedinhora, för kvinnor, transpersoner och barn med erfarenhet av prostitution. Sedan dess har uppropet utvecklats till en organisation och engagerat tusentals människor genom sociala medier och opinionsbildning.

Mithela Haque Shares the Power to Bloom

Mithela Haque experiences firsthand how many girls in Bangladesh believe that they are not very clever, not very good at science, not meant to travel abroad.

To shift these mindsets and empower fellow young women, as well as boys, Mithela founded Power to Bloom. She and like-minded volunteers work with schools in low-income communities to provide much needed spaces for adolescents to learn and share around issues that are traditionally taboo.

Basit Jamal: Stories for Inclusive Islam

The world is seeking solutions to curb radicalisation of Muslim youth, a space where Delhi-born Ashoka Fellow Basit Jamal has made remarkable headway in India. Through a powerful storytelling platform, Jamal has created a space within conservative Muslim circles to promote a non-violent and inclusive interpretation of the Quran. He has reached more than 10,000 youth so far and has enabled each one of them to become ambassadors of change within their communities.

Candice Lys: Arctic Sex-ed with an Artsy Twist

Candice Lys is a newly appointed (2017) Canadian Ashoka Fellow, being recognized for her innovative approach to teaching sexual and mental health education to young Indigenous teens, starting first young women and recently expanding to include young men. She uses the arts to encourage a creative, ‘out of the box’ approach to learning about their bodies, relationships with others, and to be leaders in their communities. 
Ashoka: How did you discover this approach?