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Interview with Hanne Melin

Hanne Melin is part of a small team at eBay focused on exploring and understanding the future of commerce. Her work involves talking to policy makers, academics and others and getting them excited about a future where new models of commerce are empowering small businesses to thrive. Hanne has joined CircularFutures as a participant and talks to Jim Playfoot about her experiences at the launch event in Amsterdam.

Hanne Melin finds system change compelling. By being part of CircularFutures, she feels she’s come to the right place.


Ashoka Netherlands is delighted to announce the election of their latest Fellow Wietse van der Werf.  Wietse is the founder and CEO of the Sea Ranger Service, which has been established to revolutionize ocean conservation.  The organisational model combines the empowerment of unemployed youths and re-integration of navy veterans to provide a concrete solution to severe global human capacity shortages in the monitoring of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

L'impact du changement climatique sur les océans

Au micro d'Eric Delvaux, la #FellowAshoka fondatrice de Bloom  alerte l'auditoire sur ses conséquences dramatiques sur les océans : "avec la hausse des températures, les courants sont modifiés, avec un impact désastreux sur les ressources marines dans les zones déjà en difficulté." Claire Nouvian a reçu en 2018 le

Women Social Innovators are Changing the Game in Asia

Young changemakers are often brave enough to take unconventional routes in making meaningful changes in our society. Here are stories of four female entrepreneurs who visited the Philippines this July for the ChangemakerXChange summit, a global platform co-created by Ashoka and the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Their social enterprises are at their early stages. But they all share tenacity and willingness to take on big challenges.

Flaviano Bianchini

Fellow dal 2012

Organizzazione: Source International

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Questa descrizione di Flaviano Bianchini e del suo lavoro è stata preparata quando Flaviano è stato eletto Ashoka Fellow nel 2012.