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Collaborating on Rural Innovation and Farming at Globalizer 2012

How do you increase the wellbeing and sustainability of rural farmers? Or improve the quality of life of the underserved poor? How does one person scale positive, irreversible social impact? And what are the challenges to scaling the impact of social innovative ideas in rural communities? These questions were at the forefront of discussions during the Rural Innovation and Farming Globalizer Summit in Geneva last month.

Sympathy: Simply Ineffective or Actually Harmful?

Editor's Note: Ashoka imagines a world where education is truly transformational, where every child has mastered empathy—and would like to work with you to help build it. Join us on, our new digital home for all things empathy, where you can learn why empathy matters, pick up practical tips for how to cultivate it in your own home or school, and more.

Cultural Understanding through MacGyver Tourism in Jordan

Ever crocheted a plastic bag into a coaster? Beaded a bracelet of olive pits? Seen a bicycle or helicopter made of scrap wire? Spend a day with Jordanian Fellow Rabee Zureikat’s Zikra Initiative and you will.

Watch: Four Young Entrepreneurs with "Three Minutes to Change the World"

These four young innovators, and their stories of change, have been captured in a new one-hour documentary on PBS, "Three Minutes to Change the World(brought to you by the Emmy Award-winning creators of "Bill Nye the Sciene Guy" and "Biz Kid$").

The Necessary Allies: Jobs and Environment

Two of the world’s most urgent tasks—protecting the environment and creating jobs—both have enormously broad public support. Politically, however, both are orphans. Why?

Living Buildings: Ashoka Fellow Jason McLennan's Architectural Revolution

Can you imagine an office building or high-rise tower with no energy bill? As CEO of the International Living Future Institute and founder and creator of the Living Building Challenge, U.S. Ashoka Fellow Jason McLennan is pioneering the future of green building.

Ashoka Remembers Fellow Isaac Durojaiye

The Ashoka community is mourning the loss of Ashoka Nigeria Fellow Isaac Durojaiye, an icon of the Ashoka Fellowship who was elected in 2005 for his innovative contributions to the fields of health and environment. Durojaiye founded DMT Evacuation Service, the first mobile toilet initiative in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region, in order to remedy rampant urban unemployment and poor sanitation conditions.

Lessons on Global Crisis Management, from Haiti to Japan

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. The resulting tsunami and international nuclear crisis affected hundreds of thousands of people. 

Peruvian Fellow Receives Prestigious Honors in US and UK

Ruiz’s commitment to improving the lives of the working poor recently attracted the attention of The Global Fairness Initiative (GFI), which was founded with the goal of promoting fair and sustainable approaches to economic development. GFI presented Ruiz with the 2011 Fairness Award on November 8, 2011. Two weeks later, Ruiz accepted the prestigious Albert Medal at the Royal Society of Arts in London, joining a long and distinguished list of innovative pioneers that includes Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

The Future of Solar Born from a Lifetime of Innovation

UPDATE: Although it’s been just two weeks since we last checked in on the 19-year-old whiz kid Eden Full, there are a couple of updates to her impact story.