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US Social Innovation: Let's Redraw the Map

The next chapter of social entrepreneurship in this country should focus on helping social entrepreneurship thrive everywhere. That means building vibrant local support networks so that an early-stage entrepreneur in Detroit is just as likely as one in San Francisco to get the critical boost she needs. That means redrawing the social innovation map in the US...

Ashoka Staff Answers: Why Diversity?

Many already believe that diversity within an organization can help retain staff, increase productivity and improve client relationships. But diversity can have even broader implications. Some Ashoka staff share in their own words why they think diverse workplaces are an important ingredient in changing the world.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Education for Women

In spite of their demographic diversity, followers of Islam are often lumped into a single category that denigrates the religion and stereotypes more than a billion people. We have seen time and again that social entrepreneurs see more than the symptoms of the problem and are driven to address the underlying systemic causes of these challenges.

In Afghanistan, Sakeena Yacoobi has figured out how to use cultural practices to break down the barriers preventing young women from getting an education.


Due to their shared dedication to empowering young women, German ASN member Reinhard Gorenflos and Ashoka Fellow Regina Agyare were introduced through the Ashoka Globalizer Summit on Youth Empowerment in Africa in February 2015. Reinhard founded Tua Res Foundation in 2012 and Regina founded Soronko Solutions in 2011, through which she launched a program called Tech Needs Girls.

Co-President Diana Wells Wins Running Start Award

Ashoka Co-President Diana Wells was celebrated as one of 10 winners of the first annual Women to Watch Award by Running Start, a Washington, DC-based organization that empowers young women to be political leaders. The award honors ten of the most impressive young women leaders in the country and the seven youngest women in Congress.

8 Stories Celebrating all Women Changemakers - Happy International Women's Day!

March 8th is international women's day and we commemorate the day by sharing some of the stories great women changmakers we celebrated throughout the year. We are proud that more than 40% of our Ashoka Fellows who are reinventing market systems, changing national policy and changing our world are women. 

1. How I woman learned to break the rules and do my part to help better the world

How I, A Woman, Learned To Break The Rules And Do My Part To Help Better The World

Why is it that so few women have changed the world on a massive scale in the same way that men have?  Where are the female Henry Fords, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Where are the women who have not only started companies but launched entirely new industries disrupting the way the world works?

Enriching the Lives of Girls with Technology Solutions

“I always tell women they can be like me—stronger by saving, investing, and doing business with technology,” said Admire Bio, the single mother who has opened a handful of Internet cafes in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

But for many women, particularly for rural women in lower- and middle-income countries, that’s easier said than done—they are often on the outside, looking in, when it comes to technology.