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The Woman Bringing Unconventional Sex Ed to the Arctic

It turned out to be the most pivotal decision of Ashoka Fellow Candice Lys’ life: continue with a research stint in Greenland or return home to Canada’s far north and deliver arts-based HIV-prevention workshops. Lys picked door No. 2.

In a region with higher rates of sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy than the rest of Canada, Lys’ unconventional approach — incorporating theater, music, photography, digital storytelling and Indigenous beading — is making an impact.

Violences faites aux femmes : la réponse citoyenne à l'un des plus graves problèmes de santé publique !

Désespérés par l’échec du système dans sa globalité et mus par un puissant désir de faire bouger les lignes, une femme et un homme ont décidé de révolutionner tout le protocole de prise en charge des femmes confrontées aux situations de violences en apportant une réponse concrète et pérenne à ce fléau.

Lisez le reportage d'Annabelle Baudin sur l'Institut en Santé Génésique, devenu "Women Safe" en 2017.

What is a Mother Worth?

“No one has ever believed in me except Lua Nova,” proclaimed one young mother who has battled a lifetime of domestic violence, homelessness, and drug abuse in the favelas of São Paulo, Brazil.

“Killing somebody who ticks you off is normal.”

I came across this statement in a recent Op-Ed piece in The New York Times by Bob Herbert.

How can this mentality be possible? Bob Herbert looked to Ashoka Fellow Gary Slutkin to learn more:

“These violent behaviors are learned,” said Dr. Slutkin. “They are largely formed by modeling, the almost unconscious copying of one another. And then they are maintained by the social pressure of peers. It becomes normal to reach for a gun.”