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    In much of eastern Indonesia, customary practices associated with weddings and funerals entail excessive expenditures and resulting indebtedness that gravely impedes much-needed investments in education and other development needs.

    Amid the apathy that often plagues impoverished urban neighborhoods, Reggi Kayong Munggaran is organizing marginalized youth to serve as changemakers, spearheading the development of much-needed improvements in the physical and social infrastructures of the areas in which they reside.

    Irfan is countering the trend toward religious extremism and other forms of intolerance by cultivating faith -based peace movements, preparing a generation to become “Agents of Peace.”

    Masnu’ah is working to change the marginalization of women through her fisherwoman cooperative, Puspita Bahari. Masnu’ah’s organization gathers the community to learn about gender equality and income-generating activities; through these workshops, men and women are better able to understand the equal role of women as citizens in society.

    Aniceto Guterres Lopes is educating the citizens of East Timor to better understand their legal rights; and to begin using these rights as vehicles for legal and political change. He is helping East Timor professionalize the practice of law to help it develop an enduring capacity for resistance to Human Right abuse.

    Lembaga Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Anak is inspired by the intense religious segregation found in Ambon, which results in built up tension between Christians and Muslims. This is accomplished by infusing pluralism into communities using the latest educational modules on tolerance, which are taught in Baihajar's co-created playgrounds.

    Lendo has created alternative, community-supported education innovative in both its approach to the learning process as well as the governance of the schools. Through the Nature Schools in which children are actively engaged in scientific inquiry to learn about their environments, Lendo is demonstrating that high quality education can be made available without expensive infrastructures, and that these alternative practices can influence Indonesian education on a broad scale.

    Idham Ibty of Yogyakarta is building a new community-based and interest-free credit system for petty traders and other grassroots micro-businesses. The rich of the community are the investors and shareholders, and are paid a flat ten percent of the total profits of any business that takes a loan.

    Bambang Ismawan offers a wide array of services to rural farmers to improve agricultural production practices and further Indonesia’s development. Throughout Bambang’s career, he has been a pioneer, promoting financial sustainability for citizen-led initiatives.

    After 12 years of independence, Timorese people are still living in the ongoing cycles of violence that has become “naturally accepted” as part of their life. The impact of the violence at home, schools, streets, and by the existing institution, legal frameworks and protection systems are still nascent.