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    Joao Jorge Santos Rodrigues has been a life-long resident of Salvador, Bahia, the capital of Afro-Brazilian culture. He has learned how to strengthen neighborhood cultural organizations economically, legally, and by helping them provide new social and political leadership. He now hopes to spread his approach nationally.

    Célia Marina Destri dos Santos, a Rio de Janeiro attorney, has created Brazil's first legal and social advocacy group for medical malpractice victims. She is moving to win a series of cases that will open the courts and give victims new rights backed by real remedies.

    Edinéa Alcântara is a civil engineer who helps low-income residents plan and build public works projects. While acquiring job skills, residents learn how to use local materials to improve both urban spaces and the environment in their community.

    Magdalena Palau builds institutions that allow families to better care for children who are legally separated from their families. She uses personal and family psychology to keep children anchored in the loving community from which they come.

    Luciana Martinelli's work with young social entrepreneurs in Brazil demonstrates that the only limitations to young people's active roles in social work are opportunity and support.

    Zoica Bakirtzief has conceived a way for people with disabilities to enter into the job market. Rather than focusing on the few opportunities that exist in the formal sector for people who are disabled, diseased, and undereducated, she is training them to start and run their own businesses.

    João Figueiró believes in the role every person has in children’s early development. He generates awareness, connects players, and showcases success models to enable all adults to help raise an empathetic next generation.

    Marta is setting up an information system for the physically, mentally and sensorially disabled. The system will collect, produce, and disseminate important information for this currently neglected sector of the population, and with this service, Marta expects to influence public policy, thus improving the quality of life and citizenship of disabled populations.

    Jongki Kim has pioneered a national change in law and attitudes toward bullying in schools in Korea over the past eighteen years. Through his work, Jongki has introduced many initiatives to both reduce and mitigate the effects of bullying on both the victims and the perpetrators.

    Dr. Juliana Bacis Ceddia, a physician specializing in cardiology, has created an effective method for treating heart defects among infants, children, and adolescents from poor families. She has demonstrated that it is possible to reform Brazil's rigid and poorly funded public health system to provide free, high-quality, specialized care to people of all classes.