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    Sasha Chanoff is finding lasting solutions for the world’s most vulnerable refugees. Sasha’s organization works to transform and improve the sphere of refugee resettlement through a variety of interlinking strategies centered on creating the infrastructure and know-how for an appropriately trained and professionalized citizen sector to work with the United Nations and governments in ways that improve equity and access to this life-saving solution for refugees.

    Kwesi Prah is launching a Pan-African literacy movement based on clustering dialects into twelve mutually understood written languages, thus increasing access to information, reducing government costs, and enhancing ties among formerly separate communities.

    Michel Nischan is catalyzing demand among low-income urban consumers for locally grown, healthy foods through a financing approach that also fuels the growth and viability of small and mid-sized farms.

    Marianne Knuth helps rural people to build self-reliance at multiple levels: financial, practical, material, social, psychological, and spiritual.

    Peter Wahome is developing a new approach to tourism that emphasizes people-to-people contact and provides new sources of livelihood for people and communities engaged in the production of home-based crafts.

    Larry Rosenstock is promoting a new form of urban education that fuses traditional liberal arts curricula with innovative, hands-on learning projects for all students–regardless of the socioeconomic status and educational background of their parents.

    As a youth, Andrew Nyathi left his village and fought for years for Zimbabwe's independence. Now, building on the success of the uniquely disciplined and independent farming cooperative and co-op of co-ops he has built, he is fighting for the future of such collaborative undertakings in the wake of the collapse and disgrace of so many of the (politically sustained) cooperatives created over the last decade.

    Concerned since childhood with the endless hours of low-yield drudgery that is a rural women's daily lot, Victoria Dunmade is launching an effort to develop new appropriate food-processing technologies designed for use (and control) by rural women.

    Every year, big companies spend billions of euros in procurement, but discriminate against local entrepreneurs who lack the right networks or the right reputation. Majid El Jarroudi is bridging this gap by setting all entrepreneurs on an equal footing through a unique platform that connects procurement officers’ needs with the potential of entrepreneurs in disadvantaged areas.

    With the conviction that Africa’s greatest assets are its people, its cultural heritage, and its natural resources, Noel de Villiers is creating a continent-wide network of community- owned and operated tourism routes that leverage these resources to create economic and social development opportunities for African rural areas, towns, and cities.