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    Sita Aripurnami, 28 years old, is building an umbrella/back-up organization, "Kalyana Mitra" (Good Fiends), for the women's movement in Indonesia.

    Through a decentralized network of service centers, Endang Susilowati is reaching poor women who are most likely to migrate to seek work. She is providing information, counseling, and job skills training, and is launching an advocacy campaign to introduce protections.

    Hamzah is engaging dry-land communities in developing and spreading new technologies to improve agricultural productivity.

    Wahya, working in the small village of Lawen in central Java, is demonstrating approaches to education that help rural youngsters feel rooted in, not alienated from their community and its economics.

    In Bunaken National Marine Park, Meity Mongdong is spearheading the development of an innovative co-management system that has enlisted the participation and support of all major stakeholders. The system is demonstrating its effectiveness in protecting endangered marine resources, and it is serving as a model for efforts to ensure the effective management, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources in other national parks and protected areas in Indonesia.

    Siti Aminah has succeeded in developing effective ways to preserve Indonesia's mangrove forests by harnessing the local community support of women and children and the fishermen that rely on the mangroves for their livelihood.

    Dr. Sofyan Tan is helping his fellow Indonesians overcome the deep chasm of mutual misunderstanding and disrespect that separates citizens of Chinese descent from the indigenous majority. His model of integrated education, where children of various ethnic heritages learn together, is beginning to reduce the deep-seated discrimination that divides Indonesian society.

    Enny Soekoer utilizes low-cost technology to provide environmentally-sound housing alternatives for Indonesia's poor.

    In Indonesia, high officials in government and industry are almost uniformly corrupt, but it’s the ordinary citizens who bear the brunt of their dishonesty. Harlans is building a citizens’ movement, working to show people how corruption affects their daily lives, and, in doing so, motivating them to take action against it.

    Suwarni Agnesti Rahayu, commonly known as Yayuk, is the first person in Indonesia to develop a strategy for confronting violence against women based on methods appropriate to their Islamic culture. To promote community acceptance of her programs, she has created a community specific model based on local religious principles and beliefs.