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    Suzana Murni is breaking Indonesia's silence about HIV by helping those infected with the virus to live healthy, productive lives and by changing how the media, the government, and the public treat HIV-positive persons.

    Hidayat Palaloi is tackling the twin challenges of environmental degradation and poverty in Indonesia's coastal communities by protecting endangered mangroves through conservation, community education, and sustainable cultivation of crabs.

    Millions of Indonesians have left their country to work overseas, and more leave each day. The wages they earn in Asia and the Middle East and send back home contribute greatly to individual households as well as to regional and national economies. Some workers go legally; others risk their life to seek a better living without following legal procedure.

    Suryo Prawiroatmodja, who developed his love for the strengthening peacefulness of nature in the teak forests of East Java's Banyuwangi highlands as a boy, is creating a series of simple environmental demonstration and education centers across Indonesia.

    Iwan Saktiawan is enhancing the core principles and values of an Indonesian model of Islamic banking, the Baitul Maal watTamil, to help small-scale business entrepreneurs achieve economic sustainability and self-sufficiency.

    Umar Husein, a socially involved student leader since his village boyhood sixty kilometers outside Palembang, South Sumatera, is demonstrating new ways of organizing college students to work with street vendors and other poor Indonesians. His approach serves the economic needs of the students as well as those of the street vendors.

    Eko Paripurno is arming Indonesian citizens with the knowledge, confidence, and skill they need to foresee the effects of natural disasters, take control of disaster response, and rebuild their lives after disaster strikes.

    Rinto Adriano is building citizen participation into the budgetary process of district and local governments. His work is particularly important now, as Indonesia devolves control from the national to the district level, opening an opportunity for productive citizen input around the issue of allocating public funds.

    In the process of helping his community build economic self-reliance, Stefanus Djuweng is assisting the indigenous Dayak people of West Kalimantan in Indonesia to strengthen their sense of identity and community.

    Mass evictions have deprived thousands of Indonesia’s urban poor of their homes, clearing the way for developments that the government perceives to have higher social value. Erma Susanti works to build and publicize the social value of poor communities on the banks of the Surabaya River, positioning them as protectors of their environment and advocates for their rights.