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    Ricardo engages the diverse sectors working within marine eco-systems (from each segment of the fishing industry to government regulators, conservation organizations, the navy and others) to be active and collaborative players in the conversation of marine biodiversity while ensuring sustainable livelihoods for coastal and marine dependent communities.

    A firm believer in the participatory approach to service management systems, Ashok Bharti is founding community-based cooperatives as an alternative distribution mechanism for electricity to reach India’s slum dwellers.

    Preeyanan Lorsermvattana is mobilizing a broad coalition of health professionals, media, consumer rights activists, lawyers, and medical malpractice victims to change policy, change public attitudes, raise professional medical standards, and establish a clear system of legal redress for victims of medical malpractice in Thailand.

    Emeka Nsofor is increasing civic participation, promoting good governance and developing functioning constituencies by empowering rural communities with information on the Nigerian electoral process and the responsibilities of elected representatives.

    Aminata Dièye is giving marginalized young women an economic boost by providing them with skills to enter into traditionally male-dominated trades. She is helping break down gender stereotypes, change community attitudes, and spread workforce empowerment to women throughout Senegal.

    Darell Hammond has created an effective delivery mechanism to get playgrounds built by bringing together communities and corporate volunteers in underprivileged communities in the United States. In poor communities the pent-up demand for spaces to play results in young people turning to television or video games, or worse, to gangs and drug abuse. And now Darell is seizing the historical moment to move beyond playgrounds to institutionalize the "right to play" for every child.

    Jennifer is building the capacity of rural women to utilize widely available but idle natural resources and turn them into consumer products thus creating an opportunity to shift the focus of the local economy from subsistence to developing and maintaining viability of local natural resources.

    Vickie Wambura is reducing the rate of recidivism in Kenya’s prisons by focusing on rehabilitation and shifting society’s negative prejudices and stereotypes of prisoners.

    As French society grows increasingly multicultural, the threat of community isolation is more and more a reality. Recognizing the risks associated with such a binary approach to diversity, Marc Cheb Sun has initiated media campaigns, including the development of Respect Magazine and Dynamique Diversité, to generate and implement new practices with respect to diversity for individuals as well as in firms and institutions throughout France.

    While other players in the healthcare field in India have been focused on developing telemedicine for tertiary and secondary care, Sameer Sawarkar has been focused on making telemedicine accessible where it is needed the most—primary care for rural citizens. Through telemedicine, he is now providing the possibility of universal access to primary healthcare in rural India.