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    The aim of Andrea David's Salva Vita Foundation is to give the mentally disabled a chance to create new, independent lives and to assist in their social integration. Andrea helps provide them with integrative workplaces and the training programs they need to succeed in mainstream society. The foundation's broader mission is to spread the concept of "supported employment" throughout Hungary.

    Iheoma is challenging the patriarchal nature of Nigerian politics by encouraging and preparing women to seek positions of authority at all levels of governance and bringing women to the forefront of decision-making bodies.

    Starting in Kenya, Adam Tuller aims to meet the growing demand for fuel that has led to deforestation, through an ambitious tree planting enterprise that draws on the strengths and contributions of science, the citizen sector, and business.

    Norman Atkins seeks to reinvent teacher education through a “nurse practitioner” model of teacher training that focuses on practice above theory, and that links teacher certification to demonstrated results in the classroom.

    Hana Malinová is combating the spread of HIV and other STDs among prostitutes in the Czech Republic. She has opened a counseling center that provides a wide range of services for these women and men, and is working to reintegrate them into mainstream society through the creative use of community theater.

    Salina is achieving equity in access to elderly housing and care in Bangladesh, by tying the needs of high income and low-income communities. Through an innovative cross-subsidy financial model, her network of care- centers ensures that provides safe, dignified and quality housing and care services for the elderly and disabled from different socio-economic backgrounds.

    Caring for Spain’s abundant biodiversity of plants and animals has always been perceived by the public as the government’s responsibility. Jordi Pietx i Colom is changing this view by establishing the necessary structures, legal tools and networks to help civil society take a major, active role in land and biodiversity conservation.

    Gonzalo Osio is addressing the needs of small farmers in Bolivia, creating organizations that foment new agricultural products that make best use of their natural resources, while responding to specific market demands.

    By building civic participation that is location-centered and child-led, Bupatip Chamnil is forming a sustainable base of informed and active citizens in Thailand to deal with challenges ranging from industrial pollution to endangered species.

    Miguel Neiva is transforming visual communication through a simple, universal and inclusive code that represents colors. Through ColorADD, Miguel is building a world where the social inclusion of color blind people becomes the norm.