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    Ernesto Rosas is transforming an inward-looking mutual aid society of HIV-positive Uruguayans into a dynamic advocacy, information and AIDS care center. In so doing, he aims to "return to society its responsibilities" by encouraging Uruguayans to view HIV-positive/AIDS as but one of many chronic illnesses that must be treated and understood.

    Based in the violence-torn state of Manipur, Babloo Loitongbam has designed a human rights curriculum that equips traditional village institutions to organize in new ways against the growing human rights challenges in the region. Simultaneously, Babloo is internationalizing grassroots responses to the issue, by opening up citizen s access to the international human rights movement.

    Although Thailand’s new constitution overturned in principle the state monopoly on mass media broadcasts, in practice the government and military continue to enjoy almost total control of the airwaves. In response, Supinya Klangnarong spearheads a national campaign for electronic media reform, using research, policy advocacy and public lobbying to put the production of radio and television broadcasts within the reach of the common citizen.

    Nawee Nakwatchara is enabling farmers to become their own agents of change. His learning plots for alternative agriculture are stimulating farmers to experiment and contribute to a growing knowledge of locally appropriate agricultural practices.

    Salma Shafi, an architect and urban planner, is facilitating cooperation among slum tenants, marginal land owners, commercial banks and developers to construct affordable housing in Bangladesh's mushrooming cities.

    Kwesi Prah is launching a Pan-African literacy movement based on clustering dialects into twelve mutually understood written languages, thus increasing access to information, reducing government costs, and enhancing ties among formerly separate communities.

    Levente Viszló is reinventing nature conservation for post-communist Hungary by rolling out a series of new institutions, mechanisms and approaches that are rooted in citizen action and local level private-public partnerships.

    Jacqueline Sfeir is transforming the predominantly hierarchical educational system of Palestine and the larger Arab World into a system that promotes interaction, critical thinking, and community involvement in all aspects of the learning process. Jacqueline believes the system must be changed to accommodate the innate nature of the child as learner.

    Anshu K. Gupta is facilitating an economic bridge between urban, wealthy India and impoverished, rural India by simply sharing the surplus of wealth. Anshu is establishing a culture of sustained donations in India by creating a mechanism for second-hand clothes and goods to pass from the wealthy to the poor.