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    Hussam identifies and nurtures children’s latent talents in the fields of science, technology and arts and allows them to employ these talents for the benefit of the community. He is doing this through incubating children’s talents and supporting them with financing, mentorship, scientific expertise, and physical spaces.

    Phairoj Pholphet, a lawyer, is laying the essential groundwork for communities to participate more in the democratic process. While also benefiting from a decentralization policy through which Thailand's government will delegate more administrative control to local governments.

    Sena is building an African environmental movement of young entrepreneurs aware of their responsibilities, capable of supporting themselves, providing solutions to improve the living conditions of populations, and engaging as citizens to ensure large-scale actors take responsibility and action. He uses youth volunteering and their spirit of commitment to promote the environment and create new job opportunities..

    By creating a large resource base of new ‘role models’ or mentors for underprivileged children, Sriram Ayer is introducing the component of empathy in the existing education system and bridging the gap between a child’s perceived intelligence quotient and hidden emotional quotient.

    Moka is helping to reduce high mortality rates from preventable illnesses such as malaria, measles and pneumonia by addressing key breakdowns in the drug supply chain that, if resolved, could supply and distribute life-saving medication to those in need.

    Dorothy Stoneman has built an international network of programs that offer disadvantaged youth the opportunity to develop skills, vision, and attitude to take themselves and their communities out of poverty.

    Safura Begum is introducing occupational safety and basic health programs to Bangladesh's long-standing traditional industries. Discussion groups, peer educators, and more confidential, accessible medical care are empowering workers to take control of their own health.

    Christie Young is introducing an alternative family farming movement which counters the prevailing industrialized agriculture. This enables succession and opens attractive farming opportunities for youth. She is also providing opportunities for members of the new immigrant populations from the cities to launch their own agri-business and see economic life-opportunities through modern and sustainable farming.

    In deprived areas of London, increased violence, theft, and drug use have contributed to the rise of crime among young people. To address these problems, Junior Smart has developed an ex-prisoner led peer mentoring system that provides services to prisoners to address the broad array of problems they face in prison, before release, and as they integrate back into society.

    A mother of a child with cerebral palsy, Tatiana Gómez-Durán is creating a center where parents learn how to manage the treatment that their neurologically-impaired children receive.