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    Mitch Besser has developed a groundbreaking program to support programs that prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV by encouraging mothers living with HIV to become peer educators and provide support to similarly affected pregnant women and new mothers.

    María Ana Angeleri is changing the landscape of nutrition education through a creative health and wellness program that integrates parents, children, adolescents, teachers, and schools. Through a dynamic and interactive prevention program that focuses on healthy eating habits and self-initiative to make good food choices, María Ana is prioritizing nutrition inside and outside of the classroom.

    Carolina Biquard is working to strengthen the burgeoning Argentine social sector through a series of activities that introduce to non-profit organizations a new culture of management and institutional development and provide them with the concrete skills needed to maximize their impact.

    Ravindranath “Ravi” is turning villages and communities in flood-ravaged regions into institutions prepared to predict, confront, and cope with floods, turning a one-time calamity into opportunities for people to create new and alternative livelihoods.

    The second largest employer in the United States, the restaurant industry, is home to seven of the ten lowest-paying occupations. Saru Jayaraman is leading a nationwide effort to transform this industry’s subpar employment practices by aligning worker, employer, and consumer interests.

    Afsan Chowdhury is working to create a system through which sex education, covering topics from the prevention of sexual abuse to greater awareness of human sexuality, can be taught effectively to Bangladeshi youth. He is drawing on family and other social support networks to both inform and help disseminate educational materials and messages that will help change Bangladeshi society's reluctance to address this sensitive issue.

    Faced with the problem of child malnutrition, coupled with the sparse economic resources of the women in her community, Marguerite Thiaw has created a series of innovations based on the banana, the main crop of her native region of Tambacounda, in Eastern Senegal.

    Raúl Cabrera is recovering abandoned and underutilized land on Ecuador's coast and offering new options to coffee farmers who have been affected by shifts in international markets.

    In a nation where natural disasters strike often and with devastating effects, Dr. Parag Mankeekar is helping India’s children master disaster preparation and response planning. Parag’s training camps and computer games create simulations that teach children how to be effective first responders for their families and communities following a disaster.

    Dune Lankard is turning conservation into an economic and political opportunity for the indigenous people of Alaska.