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    Runa Doja has developed a series of "user-friendly" goal-oriented textbooks to replace the ossified rote learning methods employed in the Bangladeshi school system. The text books, which emphasize critical thinking and self-directed learning, have been instrumental in significantly improving student performance.

    Jen Pahlka is bringing the resources—talent, ideas, tools, energy—and operating principles of the tech world to bear on a work culture that is famously slow-moving, inefficient, bureaucratic and risk-adverse: government.

    For the last 30 years, Roem Topatimasang has educated and empowered impoverished and isolated communities across the 6,000 inhabited islands of Indonesia to understand their rights and take part in the centralized state s decision-making processes.

    Seizing the opportunity posed by a nation-wide curriculum reform, Peter Volmink is working to introduce effective instruction about human rights in South African schools. As a member of an advisory committee and related task forces that are helping the Department of Education construct and implement the new curriculum, Peter has won the necessary approvals for the inclusion of a human rights component.

    Hambali is developing a community-based system for promoting reproductive health in rural Indonesia by helping villages establish their own clinics staffed by specially trained local women.

    Since the 1960s, Fernando has been a pioneer in linking the eradication of child malnutrition and infant mortality to a country’s economic and social development. He has developed a cross-cutting model that successfully inserted a culture of health throughout Chile.

    Dr. Pam Cantor is working to reengineer public schools to respond to the recurring challenges of teaching and learning that stem from the traumatic impact of poverty.

    Bharat Koirala is helping to introduce modern journalism to Nepal. A former reporter and editor of two of the country's largest newspapers, he is well qualified.

    India has suffered religious and ethnic violence for centuries.Sushobha Barve’s citizen peace committees cut away its root causes.

    Lily Thapa helps to bring widows, many of whom are young wives of casualties in Nepal's seven-year insurgency, out of isolation and dependency in their husbands' homes and connects them with each other in groups that are building their economic and political strength throughout Nepal.