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    Mohamed Abou El Naga is working to create sustainable employment in rural villages and communities in Egypt by reviving the traditional craft of papermaking. His process addresses a number of challenges in the community, including providing skills and work to the unemployed, women, and the disabled; recycling agricultural waste which would otherwise be burned; and creating new markets for paper products and art.

    In rural areas plagued by unemployment, isolation, and fractured schools, Nandasiri Wanninayaka (Wanni) teaches students the skills they need to be competitive in the global marketplace. Wanni found a way to bring modern technology to isolated communities, link villagers to outside networks through email, and use alternative education (with an emphasis on the English language) to foster teamwork, creativity, and self-esteem among students.

    María Elena Foronda educates Peruvian citizens about the environmental damage caused by fish processing factories and negotiates with the fish industry to find realistic, effective responses to rising ecological problems.

    Concerned by deepening poverty and malnutrition fueled by exorbitant, ever-rising food prices and the prevalence of adulterated products, Thomas Kumolu-Johnson is reorganizing the food distribution and marketing chain in Nigeria to connect farmers directly with consumers and to stir public demand for safe food.

    Ildikó Szigeti is facilitating the exchange of ideas, cultures and knowledge between Central European students and their Western counterparts through electronic mail and the Internet.

    Biplab Paul has come up with a cost-effective and affordable solution to water scarcity that provides a reliable system of irrigation. In the rural areas of arid Gujarat, high saline soil creates an impermeable layer that prevents rain water from percolating; marginal farmers are unable to farm their crops and are eventually forced to abandon the land to join the growing workforce of migratory labor.

    Kumrab Phanthong is encouraging farmers to shift from "Green Revolution" monoculture farming techniques to traditional polyculture techniques, through mechanisms that increase their knowledge of farming techniques, market wisdom and ultimately, collective bargaining power.

    S. Pandian is spearheading a widespread movement in India to demand humane treatment for people subjected to police custodial care and interrogation. He organizes systematic education on human rights and legal issues for rural activists, common people, and police personnel. He also is building a sustained campaign, including a victims' forum, to enforce custodial justice and abolish torture in rural police stations, jails, and institutions.

    Runa Doja has developed a series of "user-friendly" goal-oriented textbooks to replace the ossified rote learning methods employed in the Bangladeshi school system. The text books, which emphasize critical thinking and self-directed learning, have been instrumental in significantly improving student performance.

    For the last 30 years, Roem Topatimasang has educated and empowered impoverished and isolated communities across the 6,000 inhabited islands of Indonesia to understand their rights and take part in the centralized state s decision-making processes.