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    Muthu Velayutham orchestrates a diverse, integrated suite of development programs in rural India that enable poor communities to build wealth through coordinated business ventures and the stewardship of natural resources.

    Prosper Kompaoré (Burkina Faso 1997) is professionalizing social intervention theater in the Sahel-West Africa region and Africa more broadly. A poet, playwright, and professor of theater and drama, Prosper is demonstrating the power of theater to enhance economic, social, cultural, and technical development.

    R. Kannan is showing highland villagers and farmers in Tamil Nadu how to "hold the forest," grow crops, and diversify the rural economy at the same time, and also to protect the region's dwindling water supply and attract the interest of forestry officials and other conservationists.

    Ashraf Patel has created a multifaceted curriculum for schools and colleges that sensitizes Indian urban youth to widespread social issues. In doing so, she provides them with the intellectual framework and opportunities for strong and socially responsible leadership.

    Shad Begum is planting the seeds for a grassroots women’s movement in the isolated tribal areas of Pakistan where men determine women’s mobility, visibility, and voice. Using group activities and micro-credit to empower women, Shad builds their capacity to become politically active and run for office, thereby gradually supplanting the male-led jirgas—illegal, self-authorized local councils—that govern outside the law.

    Christopher Omusi uses a broad range of volunteers and individuals and businesses to teach, provide career guidance, and generally help the disabled. His teams enable physically disabled people to re-engage fully with mainstream society.

    Alexander Chisango is building a grassroots socio-economic movement in Zimbabwe on the basis that the family should be placed at the center of thinking and action for socio-economic progress, and that sustained equality between the sexes is the core of the secure family.

    Benjamin Ogunyo is getting Kenya’s street children back into their homes by empowering their families to become economically independent, socially responsible, and emotionally accessible for their estranged children. By alleviating the severe pressures impoverished families face, he is helping build healthier communities capable of taking responsibility for solving problems together and overcoming poverty, crime, disease and hopelessness.

    Victoria Koomson is organizing the women of coastal Ghanaian migratory fishing communities by introducing a series of technical innovations and using the resulting increased incomes to help promote further economic and community development.

    Beginning with highway rescue, Dr. Subroto Das is creating for the first time in the history of South Asia, emergency medical systems that integrate the work of hospitals, ambulances, police, citizens, and the state.