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    Ladji Niangane has worked with farming communities along the banks of the Senegal River for more than thirty years. Farmers in the Sahel depend on their connection to this river, and it serves as a measure of greater problems like drought, pollution, and overexploitation. By stressing the importance of this waterway and building up a network of farmers, Ladji has been able to introduce innovations in sustainable irrigation, diversify crops, and improve local incomes and health indices.

    Indrani Chakravarty is designing the first institute in India to combine research with practical work and care for the elderly. The project not only will provide necessary services to the elderly in Calcutta, but also could eventually draw necessary attention to the plight of the eighty million elderly in all of India.

    Having restored the fertility of his own land through natural farming, Vijay Uttarwar is now successfully spreading his alternative method nationally.

    An economist by training, Juan Padilla is introducing bank loans as a tool to help civil society organizations access financial resources that will enable them to improve the efficiency and impact of their work.

    Jorge Razeto has devised a local development paradigm that empowers and mobilizes communities and grassroots organizations to stimulate social, economic, cultural, and environmental growth.

    Working at the intersection of Europe’s entrenched environmental challenges, layers of government institutions, and country-specific agendas, James Thornton is using a legal approach to systematically defend an environmental agenda across Europe for the first time. James is laying the groundwork for a more engaged and effective citizen sector, demonstrating the key role it has to play to foster real cross-country collaboration and sustainability for future generations.

    William Bird is transforming the way children and children’s issues are portrayed in the media through media monitoring efforts involving both journalists and children. He trains journalists on ‘child friendly’ journalism and enables children to become ‘media watchdogs’ to monitor press coverage of children, paying particular attention to children’s rights of privacy and dignity. William is comprehensively ensuring a rights-respecting and balanced reportage of children in the media.

    By creating a supply chain system for agroforestry products completely owned and operated by Thailand’s highland ethnic communities, Jakkapong Mongkhonkeeree is enabling highlanders to be recognized as guardians of the forest and to maintain their cultural heritage as forest inhabitants.

    Magdy Aziz is promoting gender equality in Egyptian society by teaching children about their rights and empowering them to exercise them. Starting in the city of Minya, he is working through the existing educational system to provide boys and girls alike a venue to express themselves freely while exploring gender-related themes, and helping them develop the skills and confidence to participate equally in school, and eventually community life.

    Falk Zientz is building a self-sustaining microfinance distribution system which links traditional banks and non-banking organizations in Germany. Through this new system of micro lending, Falk is empowering tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to access new forms of capital and create lasting change for themselves and their communities.