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    Henry de Sio - The Business of Giving


    Henry De Sio du bureau Ashoka Global évoque sur la radio américaine Business of Giving les changements profonds de notre monde et le beso

    "Il est temps d'inventer l'Etat providence 2.0!" - Tribune d'Ashoka dans l'Express


    "Il est temps d'inventer l'Etat providence 2.0!" - Tribune d'Ashoka dans l'Express 

    "Pourquoi ne pas faire de la crise l'opportunité d'inventer un nouvel Etat providence?" s'interroge Arnaud Mourot, directeur général d'Ashoka France-Belgique-Suisse.

    La co-création : vers une économie d'acteurs de changement


    La co-création : vers d'une économie d'acteurs de changement

    Organizing for Changemaking


    Much of the world is stuck in a management model that is based on teaching people specialized skills that they repeat over and over as part of rigi

    Why Should You Develop Community Greens in your City?


    Whether they are incorporated into new developments or become part of the fabric of existing neighborhoods, community greens have a number of remar

    Alley Gating and Greening: The Baltimore Story and How CG Began


    "I thought it was a great idea to gate [the alley] and to try to get people to look at it in a different way.

    Community Greens Communities


    Discover examples of Community Greens from around the United States that have transformed neighbors, neighborhoods, and their cities.