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    Avec des aurores boréales artificielles, il encourage l'engagement citoyen - Le Figaro


    "Dan Acher est l'un des huit entrepreneurs sociaux qui viennent d'intégrer le réseau Ashoka, qui représente l'innovation sociale à Station F."

    Prix Business with Attitude : Equiphoria, Hélène Viruega - Le Figaro.fr Madame


    "Parmi les 15 demi-finalistes du prix Business With Attitude,

    A Social Entrepreneur on His Continued Curiosity


    All my life I have been seeking to understand how the world works and where it’s going and I’ve done so by entrepreneuring and/or intrapreneuring -

    A Special Power for WILDLIFE


    Ashoka Fellows on every continent have pioneered one important new way after another to give wildlife a future. Discover how their innovations and increasingly close collaboration are key to opening a way forward for wildlife.

    Découvrez le Baromètre de l'Entrepreneuriat Social 2018 !


    La "Tech for Good" : un tremplin pour l'innovation sociale ! 

    A Special Power for Migrants & Refugees


    For decades, Ashoka Fellows on every continent have pioneered one important new reform after another to how migration works. Each of these entrepreneurs’ proven,  practical social change innovations helps the others. See how their contributions fit together.

    Europe's Ashoka Support Network Gathers in Barcelona


    The video below captures the impact as more than 100 entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and businessmen and women met in Barcelona for the annual European Ashoka Support Network Summit.

    Measuring the Ashoka Support Network’s Commitment and Impact in Building Changemaker Capacity


    In January 2015, the Ashoka Support Network Global team and our partners at CEB surveyed ASN members to assess the network’s strength and impact.