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    A World Safe for Changemaking

    EIR Lessons in perspective: A Conversation with EIR alumni Juan Loraschi


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    Venezuela, Chile y la banal persistencia de la mirada excluyente


    En 1979, Varela no sabía que la larga noche recién comenzaba. Por eso, en las cifras del horror quedó corto.

    For over 25 years, Carmen has dedicated her life to ensuring that women at the base of the pyramid have access to the capital and support needed to transform their lives and improve their families’ standard of living. As the cofounder of ProMujer, a pioneer organization in the field of microfinance, Carmen has been a leader in the field of microfinance across Latin America.

    Cycling Without Age takes elderly nursing home residents, who tend to be socially excluded, back into the streets and allows them to be part of ongoing urban life. As the elderly passengers and younger cyclists co-create new experiences on trishaws, Cycling Without Age showcases the joy of intergenerational exchange to society.