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    Brazil has a history of racist traditions that are present throughout society, contributing to a social abyss between blacks and whites. Today, there is a very well articulated black movement in the country. Their efforts, however, are usually limited to addressing the effects of racism within the black community.

    Dan Acher is using creative placemaking to combat the isolation and separation between urban residents and build a shared sense of belonging. In doing so, he encourages citizen ownership of public spaces and invites residents to take responsibility for their city, ultimately leading to a more active and empowered citizenry.

    "Réfugiés : changer le discours des médias, pour débloquer les solutions " - Tribune d'Ashoka dans l'Express


    Et si les médias cessaient de parler des réfugiés comme un « fardeau », mais les reconnaissaient comme les acteurs sociaux et économiques qu’ils sont ? Les préjugés ont de l’importance, et les médias jouent un rôle clé dans la construction du narratif autour de la crise des réfugiés en Europe.

    With SPEAK, Hugo fosters the organic emergence of local communities where migrants, refugees and locals meet and develop meaningful relationships as equals in a safe sharing space that values diversity, fosters deep human bonds and ultimately creates powerful informal support networks to enable the integration of newcomers.