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    Spring Mill Elementary School

    Changemaker School

    Empathy 101


    Discover videos from Ashoka's 'Empathy 101' Video Series -- where leading innovators and educators explain (in two minutes or less) how to cultivate empathy.

    Fill your teammates' emotional tanks


    Winning requires not just playing at your best, but helping your teammates play better too, s

    Reflect within. Listen without.


    Our social systems often encourage us to suppress our innate capacities for empathy.

    Begin at home


    Practicing empathy shouldn't be confined to a classroom, says Ashoka Fellow and Founder of On

    Flatten hierarchy


    Empathy is a lifestyle, not an event, says Ashoka Fellow and Founder of Threshold Collaborative Alisa Del Tufo

    Don't react, absorb


    How many times have you sat through a conversation thinking about what you're going to say, r

    Integrate the personal and professional


    Cultivating empathy is as much about modeling it yourself as it is developing it in others, s

    Infuse empathy in all subject matter


    Empathy isn't a subject you set aside for 30 minutes a day: it's something that must be infus