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    Entrepreneurs du changement, ils aident les réfugiés en mode 2.0


    Découvrez ce reportage d'Annabelle Baudin sur Singa, fondé par le Fellow Asho

    Livres, podcasts et films sur l'innovation sociale pendant l'été !


    A travers des histoires personnelles d'entrepreneurs, des voyages,  des débats, des imag

    In the mid 1980s Yvonnick Huet pioneered a market-based model to solve poverty and food issues through the restructuring of viable local farming markets in developing countries. Unlike the field of development that has traditionally been charity-focused and culturally skeptical toward economy-oriented projects, Yvonnick has focused his efforts on small businesses as the key facilitator in development.

    Christophe Dunand has changed the way the Swiss social sector operates - making it more collaborative, bottom-up and oriented toward changemaking.

    A Special Power: Ensuring that Information Technology is Good for All


    Some of the world's leading social entrepreneurs are working to ensure that  the powerful digital technologies shaping our world will serve th