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    #LeadYoung - Matine Khalighi: Turning empathy into collective action for the good of all in Denver, Colorado


    Changemakers embody a new form of leadership needed in our rapidly changing and complex world.  Rather than one person leading and others following, today’s new leadership enables everyone to participate through fluid, open collaboration so that everyone can contribute. Matine’s story shows how a group of empathetic young peers learned how to identify a problem, build a team, and implement a solution. Together they are helping other young people realize their power as changemakers.

    Bill Drayton: “Young People Must Have the Ability to Change Their Reality”


    Nowadays, the most important skill is the ability to be a changemaker, regardless of the kind of work you are doing. Understand a problem, think about a solution, form a team, and promote the change one wants to see. 

    The Case for Smaller, More Humble Systemic Interventions


    In this interview Odin Mühlenbein, talks about the economic potential of systemic changes, barriers for achieving them, and how Lord of the Rings c

    Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Latin America


    Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Latin America is a program aiming to reduce poverty and contribute to greater economic inclusion of vulnerable groups through social entrepreneurship. 

    Enercoop, le fournisseur d'électricité 100% renouvelable


    La série documentaire OtraVia aborde durant sept épisodes les thèm

    Sonia Ben Ali, Urban Refugees : "Il faut soutenir les solutions que les réfugiés développent eux-mêmes"


    "A force d'entendre parler de la douleur de l'exil et du déracinement, quelque chose a résonné en moi" ; la fellow

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