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    Isabela Carvalho


    "In her career, Isa has led integration and advocacy for the United Nations; managed programs for WINGS, a membership organization that promotes ph

    Fernando Balbino


    Before Joining Ashoka in 2018, Balbino worked at Google supporting the success of large advertisers and also leading the brazilian chapter of the B

    Betul Ozyilmaz


    Operations and Culture Manager @ Ashoka Changemakers

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    Ashoka LeadYoung


    LeadYoung is a storytelling initiative that demonstrates the power of a young person who has identified a problem, formed and led

    Changemakers, les acteurs de changement


    Changemakers est un programme d’Ashoka qui permet d’accélérer rapidement l’impact du travail des innova

    Ashoka Changemakers


    Changemakers activates a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists to build an Everyone a C



    Einsteinklas aims at helping young people understand what happens in their adolescent brain in order to become more aware of the inner transformati

    Education Innovation Programme


    The Programme