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    Luz Rello is adapting the information environment that stymies effective learning for people with dyslexia. She is challenging the traditional approach to educating dyslexics by creating and disseminating innovative methods and technologies both to improve their performance on reading and writing, and to change the way information is presented to them in the external environment to make it more accessible.

    Rom Whitaker is showing how India's disadvantaged tribal groups can develop environmentally sustainable livelihoods from generally wild animals. He's also educating the broader public to its environmental situation through animal parks and popular films.

    By transforming the social, economic, and environmental conditions of small fishermen, Antonio García Allut makes rural fishing communities more viable, and enables fishermen to safeguard the natural environment upon which their livelihood depends.

    David Green is enabling developing countries to produce, distribute, and service high-quality, affordable health care products. Having already directed the successful production and distribution of two products–intraocular lenses and surgical sutures, David is now launching an effort to manufacture and distribute top-of-the-line, cost effective, cosmetically acceptable, and locally maintainable hearing aids.

    In the last few decades, France, like many other developed countries, has faced an increasing number of refugees fleeing war or political persecution in their countries. Exploring the untapped potential of refugee populations long stigmatized and marginalized by their host countries, Nathanaël Molle is helping refugees launch ventures and to become powerful ambassadors for the contributions that refugees can make to society.

    Silvia Diez has developed an effective solution to a widespread problem in Mexico that is only now coming to light: violations of women's personal rights by medical personnel who provide services without first obtaining informed consent. She trains women to know and assert their rights, and helps medical providers develop models of informed consent for regional hospitals and clinics.

    Bongani Linda a skilled community theatre person, sees opportunity to build trust within historically divided communities through cultural projects and events. Through joint participation in music, dance, dramatic plays and sports, the members of groups in conflict discover their commonality and come to accept one another. His approach represents a distinctive homegrown blending of prior "peace" interventions and "community-based" cultural projects.

    By creating self-sustaining, immigrant-led financial groups, Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera Massons is addressing the basic financial and networking needs of Spain’s immigrant population and ensuring their full citizenship and participation in the economy.

    Raúl is creating employment for marginal groups normally excluded from the labor market through an integrated model in which social and economic interests converge. He has converted corporations into agents of social transformation to bring about a more inclusive economic system.

    Matin Ahmed is equipping young people in Bangladesh with a combination of English and computer skills so that they can effectively compete for jobs in the marketplace.