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    Adam is shifting the focus of Egyptian business culture to the green economy. He is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs with a green mindset (environment friendly and socially responsible) and empowering them through an enabling environment for inclusive, green businesses and social innovations in urban and rural areas.

    By strengthening women’s economic independence, Lis Suarez-Visbal is decreasing poverty rates among immigrant women in Canada while increasing their awareness of social and ecological practices.

    Santiago Andrade is motivating youth volunteerism by creating alternative spaces which allow young people to organize for the benefit and service of their communities, assume roles as citizens and leaders, and commit to productive projects which help their communities confront the conditions of poverty.

    Teresa Zorrilla has set up a national network of indigenous health projects with the aim of providing training and evaluation for health promoters from different ethnic backgrounds.

    Isabella Lenarduzzi is bringing women and men together to create a new economy, one that values work-life balance and diverse management practices, and thus reinvents what it means to be successful at work and in the home.

    John Bird founded The Big Issue in 1991, to liberate and de-criminalize homeless people by giving them an opportunity to earn a legitimate income, exit poverty and gain freedom over their life choices. Today, The Big Issue is the world’s most circulated street paper, selling editions in a dozen countries from Zambia to Japan and having inspired over 100 other street papers in over 40 countries.

    This profile is dedicated to the memory of late Anna Gajewska. It was prepared when Anna was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2001. To revitalize rural education in Poland, Anna Gajewska is stimulating the growth of private village schools that offer top quality education and engage entire communities in the education of children.

    Kelly Davies is re-engineering the role local sports clubs can play in their communities. Rather than being a venue for sports and matches alone, Kelly believes they are an ideal public space to revitalize communities from within and take on a role that spans issues from employment and education to inclusion and health.

    Leila is creating and growing a grassroots movement led by students and heritage activists’ and cultural entrepreneurs to restore the vibrancy of the Medinas’ throughout Tunisia. She is doing this through creating an economic dynamic that speaks true to its heritage and increasing the cultural confidence of the people in their own country.

    In post-revolution Tunisia, where the marginalization and disillusionment of young people are leading to high rates of radicalization, Wala is building a movement of young people who are creating their own path to constructive political and economic participation.