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    Antonio Paz Martinez has built a remarkable community organization out of the wreckage wrought by the 1985 earthquake in poor neighborhoods of central Mexico City. He's now spreading its ideas and adding a vertically and horizontally integrated economic machine built up from small back veranda "informal sector" neighborhood producers.

    Krzysztof Margol is revitalizing Poland's underdeveloped rural areas by stimulating awareness of business opportunities and providing new jobs to the rural unemployed. He trains the unemployed to start new business ventures and recruits business, banks, and local governments to back new job-creating initiatives.

    This profile is dedicated to the memory of late Ryszard Golec. It was prepared when Ryszard was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1998. Ryszard Golec is a pioneer in the fight to address one of Poland's most chronic problems - alcohol abuse in rural areas. In order to accomplish this goal, he has developed a technique that uses local institutions to penetrate these often closed communities.

    This profile is dedicated to the memory of late Stanislaw Duszynski. It was prepared when Stanislaw was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2002. Stanislaw Duszynski is empowering people with disabilities to become independent and self-sufficient members of society. He creates opportunities in which the disabled stand on equal footing with the fully able in terms of developing their professional careers and social and family lives.

    Arturo Garcia is helping small farmers obtain real economic power after decades of powerless poverty and decades of violent, destructive confrontation.

    Beatriz is a professionally trained dentist who has worked for the past 10 years in rural organizations in different states of Mexico (Durango, Sonora and Veracruz). She now plans to combine her professional background and her rural experience and set up a preventive health care and training for "barefoot dentists."

    Onno is playing a central role in transforming Indonesia into a knowledge-based society by pioneering the development of low-cost technologies, recruiting and mobilizing a growing network of “techies” committed to broadening access to and use of the Internet, and advocating related changes in public policy and education.

    Apolonio Gómez is driving to the heart of the problems of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies in Mexico, with the creation of a mobile, far-reaching delivery system for critical health information and contraceptive products.

    Krzysztof is stimulating the growth of locally-based volunteer groups throughout Central and Eastern Europe and linking them in an expanding network of educators and civic leaders. He believes these networks of committed individuals are critical to restoring the region's wrecked social bonds and to solving pressing local and regional problems.

    Donat Kuczewski is facilitating the drug-rehabilitation process through healthy outdoor work opportunities and community-based living experiences for addicts. His multifaceted approach addresses the complex range of medical, psychological, and social problems associated with drug addiction.