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    Road of Change


    Road of Change est un voyage apprenant au cours duquel une quinzaine d’étudiants aux profils variés partent à la rencontre de personnes inspirantes



    CLATs («CLasses ATelier» in French, i.e. «Workshop Class») aim to rethink the differentiated teaching of primary school pupils.



    Les CLAT (Classe Atelier) ont pour but de repenser l’enseignement différencié des élèves de primaire.

    Education Innovation Programme


    Le Programme

    Les meilleurs podcasts sur l'économie sociale et solidaire !


    Un premier pas pour appréhender le secteur de l’ESS :


    #LeadYoung - Eli Beer: Revolutionizing emergency response and uniting people in Israel and the world


    When he was only 6-years-old, Eli Beer and his brother witnessed a bus bombing while walking home from school in Jerusalem.

    #LeadYoung - Ara Kusuma: Since 10 years old, changemaking for the love of cows


    What if everyone grew up following their passions to change things in their communities for the better? What if we all felt supported by their families, their schools, their neighbors? Our fast changing world today demands a new set of skills: to see a problem, understand it deeply, develop a solution and form a team to make it happen. This is what Ara did from the age of 10 in Central Java, Indonesia. Her story shows how an early start at changemaking set her on a changemaking pathway for life.

    Impact! Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2019


    Impact!Africa Summit is a partnership to accelerate innovative solutions to Africa's most pressing challenges by inspiring, supp

    Fermín is democratizing access to potable water in rural Mexican communities using technologies and community models that provide access to low-cost, high-quality drinking water. Fermín’s ultimate goal is to allow everyone in these communities constant access to potable water while empowering community members with ownership and quality control of their water sources.