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    Inspiring Change Through Social Innovation Course


    Apply Today! Deadline is October 11,  2019. Ashoka and ascena are offering six-week online course: Inspiring Change through Social Innovation



    Represented by Kinome Director of International Operations Damien Kuhn


    Jessica - Addressing intolerance by promoting diversity and inclusion among classmates in Surabaya, Indonesia


    By promoting values of diversity and tolerance, Jessica and her team are shifting how young people interact with one another for a more resilient and equitable Indonesia. 


    Noah - Building blind accessibility technology through human centered-design


    A team of young changemakers and innovators -- alongside the guidance of the blind community, their teachers, and their parents -- apply their design engineering skills to develop human-center solutions to tackle everyday challenges.

    Ila - Strengthening young women’s voices through storytelling in Bulukumba, Indonesia


    Ila began to discover her changemaking power when she questioned oppressive cultural norms that hinder girls’ access to education. 

    Angela - Daring young people to dream and lead in Surabaya, Indonesia


    Angela’s story highlights how a group of teens can create a cultural shift towards young changemaking through activities that develop their self-concept and leadership capacity in Surabaya, Indonesia. 

    Impact! Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2019


    Impact!Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit is a partnership to accelerate social innovations to Africa’s most pressing challen

    Recommandation d’un Fellow Ashoka

    Si vous désirez présenter la candidature d’un entrepreneur social au Fellowship Ashoka, toutes les informations que vous pourrez fournir sur un can

    Integrity Changemakers


    We imagine a world free from corruption