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    Heladio helps rural communities develop and adapt best practices in crop management, forestry, organic agriculture, wildlife preservation, and biological pest control that maintain the environment and allow people to still practice traditional hunting and agriculture.

    Larry Castanares is helping Mexicans appreciate the country's incredibly rich diversity of wildlife and vegetation, a necessary early step towards building a strong conservation movement.

    Jacek Schindler is working to make consumer packaging in Poland more environmentally friendly and is trying to increase the number of Polish recycling programs through a comprehensive public education and outreach campaign.

    Javier Sanchez, a leader since he was a high school student in Puebla, has been developing a model approach to safeguarding poor slum children from becoming street children. He's now beginning to develop a complementary and also somewhat novel way of organizing efficient producer groups of area parents.

    Luis Manuel Guerra is launching a cascade of urgently needed environmental innovations, building on his years as a top chemistry researcher and teacher and as the head of Merck/Mexico for new products and projects.

    Ricardo Hernandez enlists organizations and citizens in a common effort to resolve communal conflicts by promoting a culture of reconciliation, dialogue, and respect for differences in Mexico's multicultural society.

    Through her program, Friend School, Marcela Páramo promotes empathy among children and adolescents with disabilities and those without them. Teaching empathy early on contributes to a more inclusive society in which the topic of disability will no longer be a physical, social, or cultural barrier.

    Lourdes is helping rural women, one of Mexico's hardest pressed and least helped groups, become aware, organize and provide leadership -- initially regarding health, but ultimately more generally.

    Patricia Cabrera is working on a model to give personal and legal support to good-risk, first-incarceration prisoners and their families, to ensure early release and effective reintegration into post-prison life.

    While working to educate the people on a broad range of environmental issues, Hossain Shahriar is campaigning against the use of plastic, polythene and other products harmful to the environment.