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    Harnessing StarPower for Social Change


    Adam says, 'The Glam Nation Tour is all bout LOVE, so let's LOVE on some classrooms and help them get their glam on!'

    The Rush to Serve BoP Market


    If you were to argue that serving those who earned less than $2 a day would be profitable a few decades ago, it's most likely that you would be lab

    Raising Cash for Good in a Bad Economy


    How to raise cash in today’s seemingly cash-deprived environment is a question that a lot of organizations are grappling with.

    Financial Innovation Through Crowdsourcing


    It is hard to shake off the bureaucratic image of government institutions, but try to Imagine the possibilities when they begin to tap into the pot

    Putting it into Practice: Building Local Capacity to Improve Maternal Health


    It has been a month since I arrived in Argentina. I am based in Pilar, a town at the northern border of the municipal boundaries of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.

    Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know


    Ashoka friends David Bornstein and Susan Davis have recently written a new book on the rise and importance of social entrepreneurship.  The book focuses squarely on what social entrepreneurs do and how they do it and serves as a practical guide to anyone that wants to be a part of the movement.

    Root Capital: A Case Study in Strategic Nonprofit-Corporate Collaboration


    Ashoka Fellow William Foote started Root Capital in 2000 with an ambitious goal: to bridge the "missi

    The Social Pitch


    In their recent piece “Supportive housing can curb homelessness in our own backyard,” US Fellow Rosanne Haggerty and her co-author Martha Kegel draw attention to a housing controversy taking place in New Orleans. 

    Doing good is CLASSY


    Nominees for NBC’s CLASSY Awards are on the web, and five Ashoka

    A Family Joined, with English There is Easy Communication with Community


    “Nancy, can you believe it?  I can say everything I want in English.