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    Anders Wilhelmson is changing the way in which people in poor and crowded urban communities with inadequate sanitation facilities deal with human waste and offering a more dignified daily life. Working closely with such communities, he is providing new opportunities through single-use, biodegradable toilet bags to turn human waste into wealth and solve one of the most intractable problems in such areas.

    Victoria Shocrón is working, in a non-confrontational way, to integrate young people with disabilities into Argentine society and to educate the Argentine public about people with disabilities.

    Alex Bernadotte is improving college graduation rates for students from low-income communities by bridging the data gap between K-12 education and U.S. colleges and universities.

    Anil Singh's six-step training model develops entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities and addresses the shortcomings of most business training. His long-term follow-up support for poor women entrepreneurs enables them to set up enduring enterprises and ultimately to become self-sustaining.

    Ananya Raihan is ushering in an era of information-on-demand in the rural areas of Bangladesh by building a network of locally-run kiosks that offer villagers access to everything from up-to-date market prices for their rice, to health information and legal forms, all through a centralized, Bengali-language information clearinghouse.

    Adela Muñiz helps civic groups and legislators find common ground in a range of women's issues, boosting citizens' access to the power of government.

    Abdul Wadood is reaching the poorest third of Pakistan's population with nonfinancial services that he has adapted from existing poverty alleviation models. His aggressive expansion plan relies on engaged young people in poor communities. Eventually, he plans to link them in a national effort that will change the way donor agencies and the government go about designing and implementing poverty-reduction schemes.

    Sibiri Salfo Ouedraogo encourages the emergence of a class of farmers who are open to change and ready to meet the issues they face. Salfo proposes examining rural activities in order to identify the challenges and uses the elders’ knowledge to find adaptable solutions.

    Blinded by measles at the age of three, Peter Tiamiu grew up with a hunger for learning and reading that led him to develop a Braille "desktop publishing" project. He is now creating a network of Braille centers across Nigeria to produce reading materials and provide Braille literacy training.

    Lone Koldby is humanizing long-term care for the elderly in Norway by placing activity and social interaction at the center of the care regimens in nursing homes and empowering their occupants to play active roles in designing those regimens and reclaiming their rights as senior citizens.