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    6 Insights Into Creating a School Culture of Empathy


    A convening of five schools in 2012 yielded these tips on cultivating empathy in your school.

    "Any young person, can have the power to express love and respect in action."


    At the 2013 Ashoka U Exchange, Bill Drayton, in his keynote speech at the exchange, shares his vision for the future of higher education.

    The Most Important Teaching Skill in the History of the Universe


    Gloria Perez smiled as she closed down the snack-stand after a busy day. The market survey she conducted turned out to be a good idea—she was really glad that she and her employees had the foresight to think like her customers. After all, it doesn’t make sense to sell cupcakes when the consumers want brownies. Believe it or not, Gloria isn’t (yet) an independent businesswoman. She is student at Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, TX. Gloria is also an English language learner, and when she first arrived at Cunningham, she spoke very limited English.

    "Changemaker maker" Ashoka Fellows Recognized by Global Teacher Prize


    Teachers have an uprecedented role in shaping the future generation.

    Breaking Poverty by Providing Access to Free Higher Education in South Africa


    Taddy Blecher, an Ashoka fellow, founded the Maharishi Institute

    A "self-funding" education - Breaking poverty by providing access to higher education


    Taddy Blecher, an Ashoka fellow, founded the Maharishi Institute to try and revive a

    A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson on the Competencies needed in the Modern World


    "The capacity for new thinking - or turning old ideas into new applications - has really never been more important."

    Soirée "Redessinons l'éducation" du 24 juin 2015


    Le 24 juin 2015 se tenait la soirée "Redessinons l'éducation"un moment d’inspiration qui a réuni de nombreuses personnalités visionnaires et expertes de l’éducation !