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    Ron Layton is creating global mechanisms that provide poor producers in developing countries with a full range of intellectual property tools that allow them to develop sustainable businesses and compete more fairly in overseas markets.

    Jan (Honza) Korytar; is preserving and reintroducing native biodiversity in the forests of the Jizerské mountain region. In the face of destructive logging activity, his organization is busy recreating natural ecological patterns and involving citizens from around the nation to lend concrete shape to the idea of sustainable life.

    Gusti Ketut Puriartha (Gus Krobo), a Balinese deeply concerned about the inequities of resource allocation in Indonesia, is building a popular movement for citizen participation in development planning.

    In Brazil, as in many other parts of the world, high and inefficient electricity consumption are directly linked to the construction of large hydroelectric dams, waste of water, various types of air pollution, and excess spending by poor populations. Augustin has created the Low Cost Solar Heater (Aquecedor Solar de Baixo Custo, or ASBC), a do-it-yourself system for domestic hot water heating.

    By involving communities in restoring ancient, historic buildings, Jacek Jakubiec is preserving Central Europe's rich cultural heritage and creating economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, and community pride in the process.

    In rural Poland, Kazimierz Jaworski is modernizing long-neglected physical infrastructure, starting with telephones, in a way that generates independent local organization and investment.

    Based on his long and successful experience launching diverse small-producer economic enterprises in Oaxaca, Hector Marcelli is now creating a network to link "fair trade" producers, advisors and distributors across Mexico to maximize their access to international markets

    The state of Roraima along Brazil’s northern border was the last state to be colonized through a process of dislocation and enslavement. Through the Indigenous Council of Roraima, Joênia Wapichana enables indigenous people to take charge of their rights.

    Ernesto Canales uses his many years of experience working in criminal law and fighting for the defense of low-income citizens who have been unjustly accused as motivation to push for a reform of the criminal and judicial systems in Mexico.

    Vicente Fenoll is creating an ecosystem for ethical banking in Mexico using innovative technology that allows both savers and receivers of microloans to transparently interact and drives costs down, and provides all users with financial education that will help them to make better financial decisions, leading to social and economic development.