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    The Changemaker Effect in Society


    Henry De Sio Jr., Global Chair for Framework Change of Ashoka, talks about "The Changemaker Effect," a term he coined to describe the rising engage

    A Social Entrepreneur on His Continued Curiosity


    All my life I have been seeking to understand how the world works and where it’s going and I’ve done so by entrepreneuring and/or intrapreneuring -

    Obama's Campaign Chief is Looking for Inspirational Leaders


    Henry De Sio, Jr., former COO for the Obama campaign, is now looking for groundbreaking, inspirational leaders through Ashoka.

    Youth Must be Trusted to Lead in Africa


    Shootings and flying petrol bombs turned Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, South Africa, into a war zone for a week in late March 2015.

    Change The World; Empower The Youth


    If you think of most of the world’s great entrepreneurs, they started their rise to the top in their teens, says Bill Drayton, founder of global ci

    A New Age has Dawned: Our Young People Need to be Changemakers


    The erosion of civic engagement and civic institutions was a consistent concern in 2017, and some now predict dire consequences in 2018.

    Systems Change—Big or Small?


    The idea of systems change is gaining momentum.

    Planting the Seeds for Social Startup Success: 10 Things to Remember When Starting a Social Enterprise


    Taking on the social challenges of our time, be it treating diseases, hunger, climate change, or improving education is no small feat, and starting

    Everyone a Changemaker: Bill Drayton's Challenge to the World


    Bill Drayton invented the term “social entrepreneur” and founded Ashoka, the organization that supports 3,500 of them in 93 countries.

    Will a World of Changemakers Be Ethical?


    We now live in a world where everything is changing faster and faster and where each change ripples out and sparks more change.