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    The Silver Lining of High Unemployment for Social Entrepreneurs


    Volunteering is giving out-of-work professionals the opportunity to develop skills, as well as network for job contacts in the process.

    Social Return on Investment: Everything You Wanted to Know in 30 Seconds


    How can an organization measure the social impact of its activities?

    Ashoka Fellow Jill Vialet’s Playworks featured on ABC’s Nightline


    What’s play got to do with learning and safety?

    Seeding Food Security


    “Food security,” according to Ashoka Fellow Munyaradzi Saruchera, “is not having a lot of food

    The Freedom to Innovate: The Contributions of Social Entrepreneurs to the Field of Global Public Health


    Ashoka Vice-President of Global Marketing Beverly Schwartz has contributed a chapter to a new book on the role of community-based organizations and

    Conversation with Ashoka Globalizer Fellow Steve Collins


    We recently spoke with Ashoka Fellow Steve Collins.  Steve is one of our Fellows from Irela

    What Is a Social Entrepreneur, Really?


    In the middle of the night, I wake up thinking about this question. 

    An MBA and Social Entrepreneurship- Mutually Exclusive?


    I feel like I am at that point in life where I have to decide what field I want to go into. The question I return to time and time again is: How do I maximize having a positive impact while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Is it possible to do both?

    Rob Hopkins and a Farm for the Future


    Ashoka Fellow Rob Hopkins (United Kingdom, elected 2009) is the co-founder of

    "In Search of Secure Borders"


    Three years ago today the last bill for comprehensive immigration reform died in the Senate, a result of an incredible filibuster.